Grid Project:   Electric Field Torus

Grid Team Member: Carl Gable
Grid Versions: Version 1
Data Source: /scratch/fourier1/gable/grid_gen/electric_field_lines/torus_01/torus.dat
Delivered To: ???
Date Completed: Sept. 1998

Purpose of Project

The goal is to create a mesh that follows the closed curve defining a torus. This is accomplished using two different methods. One method used octree refinement to refine a regular mesh around the torus. The other method is to create an unstructured mesh around the torus line.

Torus Torus inside unstructured background mesh

Design Criteria

Project Summary

Grid Element Type: Tetrahedral or Octree Hexahedral
Grid Software Used: LaGriT and X3D

Project Archive Location

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Grid Team Contacts

Carl Gable 505-665-3533
Terry Cherry 303-321-6566