Grid Project Title: Ridge Flank Hydro-Thermal Circulation

Purpose of Project:

The grid is for some ridge-flank hydrothermal circulation runs. E.G. has done a bunch of runs with a very similar grid and homogeneous, isotropic permeability in upper basement (600m), and a few runs with anisotropic permeability. This grid is to force flow in thin high-permeability channels.


Grid Team Member(s):Emily Giambalvo, UC Santa Cruz
Grid Version:unknown
Data Source:unknown
Delivered To:Emily Giambalvo
Date Completed:11/29/00

Design Criteria:

  • NA
Summary of Project:

Grid Summary:

Dimension: 2D
Grid Element Type: Triangle
Number of Nodes:7678
Number of Elements:14701
Number of Materials:27

Grid Software Used:LaGrit

 Grid Method

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