IDEAS East River

Grid Team Member: Terry Miller
Delivered To: David Moulton and Ethan Coon
Date: December 2014 to 2015

Version History

Version Scope Finished Total
V1 Full Watershed 3D May 2015 392,100 Nodes 647,535 Cells
V1 Full Watershed DEM December 2014 65,350 Nodes 129,507 Cells
V2 Fork Subset from Watershed December 2014 82,76 Nodes 16,164 Cells
V1 Small 8-10m DEM April 2015 1,493 Nodes 2,483 Cells

East River Full Watershed 3D

East River Full Watershed DEM

East River Watershed Subset at River Fork

Subset LBL 10m small DEM at Pump House

Project Archives

Mesh information can be found in mesh directory in README.txt, RUNS, *.txt
README.txt is a general overview of the mesh version (cm).
mesh_stats.txt includes stats such as mesh info and material volumes
mesh_meter_stats.txt are the same stats after conversion to meters.

Mesh Files are written in formats: 
  Linux Binary Exodus II (.exo)
  Linux Binary GMV (.gmv)
  ASCII AVS (.inp)

Mesh Files are available on local servers:

IDEAS Project Directory for Meshing: /scratch/sft/tam/IDEAS/East_River

Full 3D Watershed 60m resolution:

Full DEM Watershed 60m resolution:

Small DEM subset around Pump House from LBL:

  River 1 cell wide, DEM and dropped 1 meter 

  River 2 cell wide, DEM and dropped 1 meter

Mesh Method

This is the workflow used to create triangulated surfaces from DEM and river polyline.

LaGriT Workflow

outline workflow here

Grid Team Contacts

Carl Gable <gable -at- lanl -dot- gov> 505-665-3533
Terry Miller <tamiller -at- lanl -dot- gov> 505-667-8009
Lucia Short <lucia -at- lanl -dot- gov> 505-665-7957