Grid Project Title:Mighty North

Purpose of Project:Produce mesh for modeling Mighty North test which was a pile of machined limestone bricks with a hole in the center of the pile for an explosive test.

One  quarter of mesh with triangular elements refined to approximately eight triangles along the edege of each brick.

Grid Team Member(s): Carl W. Gable
Grid Version: Version 1.0
Data Source: Discussion with Ted Carney
Delivered To: Ted Carney, Bob Swift, Carl Hagelberg
Date Completed: April 20 2000

Design Criteria:

Summary of Project:
The design criteria have been met. The region and mregion commands were a bit tedious to create since each brick needed to be defined individually. This would be a good candidate to use something like Python to create the LaGriT input file.

Grid Summary:

Dimension: 2D
Grid Element Type: triangle
Number of Nodes:     396, 878, 1596, 5716
Number of Elements:274, 922, 2354, 9942
Number of Materials:5

Grid Software Used:LaGrit

 Grid Method: See input file x3d.input_03

Project Archive Location:



Initial mesh with minimum number of nodes that captures problem geometry.


Rivara refinement which only adds a point to the center of each material.

Some refinement and smoothing.