Grid Project Title:  Romanian 2D Structured Grid Version 3

Purpose of Project:

To create a two-dimensional Structured grid that delineates a cross-section perpendicular
to the x-axis that runs through the well FS2.  The grid will be used as part of a modeling study
to calculate flow and reactive transport, using FEHM, to help evaluate the suitability
of storing low level nuclear waste at the site.  Unlike previous versions, this grid includes

Redline in picture above represents the 2D Model Domain.

Vertical Profile of Mesh.  The Different colors represent the Loess and Clay units in the Seven layer
conceptual model.

Grid Team Member(s): Marc Witkowski
Grid Version: 3
Data Source: /scratch/stoshu2/Witk/Romanian/2001/Geology/Ver01/Romanian0001.tfm
Delivered To: Kay Birdsell, Bruce Robinson, and George Zyvoloski
Date Completed: 10/24/2000

Design Criteria:

Summary of Project:

A two dimensional grid was created with a domain that delineated a cross-section perpendicular
to the x-axis through the well FS2.  Unlike the Romanian grid we received, this mesh extends north
south and contains the real world coordinate data rather than a relative coordinate system.
The grid incorporates stratigraphy from a 3D Hydrostratigraphic model for material designations. The
grid contains no negative coefficients and is computable by FEHM.

Grid Summary:

Dimension: 2
Grid Element Type: Triangles
Number of Nodes: 3832
Number of Elements: 7388
Number of Materials: 6
Element Resolution in X Dim: 2D YZ Plane
Element Resolution in Y Dim: 1 Meter
Element Resolution in Z Dim: 1 Meter

Grid Software Used:LaGrit

Grid Method: 2D Structured Mesh.

Project Archive Location:


FEHM Files:


Graphics files to look at:


Grid Materials:

Mat 1.......Clay 2 (Does not exist in model domain)
Mat 2.......Clay 1
Mat 3.......Loess B2
Mat 4.......Loess B1
Mat 5.......Loess B
Mat 6.......Loess A1
Mat 7.......Loess A