Benchmark 7:   

Image Gallery: Benchmark 7

Benchmark problem definitions:

Benchmark 7 Mesh Generation

  A series of meshes of different resolution have been built to represent
the BM7 model domain. The grids above are available in AVS and GMV format.

See the image gallery for pictures of the mesh.

Build a 2D triangulation and smooth the triangles.

LaGriT Command File: bm7_cyl_pts2.lgi

OUTPUT: id_fault.inp

Note: The control file
Smooth the triangles:

LaGriT Command File: smooth.lgi

Input : id_fault.gmv
Output: s_r_mass1a.gmv

Stack the triangle layers to produce a tet mesh:

LaGriT Command File: stack.lgi

Input : s_r_mass1a.gmv
Output: cmo_settet.inp

Refine along the fault interface

LaGriT Command File: refine_tets.lgi

Input : cmo_settet.inp

Output :

refine_interface1.[ gmv / inp ]
refine_interface2.[ gmv / inp ]
refine_interface3.[ gmv / inp ]
refine_interface4.[ gmv / inp ]
refine_interface5.[ gmv / inp ]
refine_interface6.[ gmv / inp ]
All files (*.lgi *gmv *inp) in a single archive:

File Size: 31.442698 Mbytes bm7_files.tar.gz

File Name                        #nodes    #elements
cmo_settet.inp                16968      87219
id_fault.inp                    1364       2589
refine_interface1.inp    21081     100773
refine_interface2.inp    25732     126516
refine_interface3.inp    30025     145379
refine_interface4.inp    36229     174108
refine_interface5.inp    42533     208931
refine_interface6.inp    47823     230242

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