Grid Project:   Strike Slip Benchmark

Grid Team Member: Carl Gable
Grid Versions: v01
Data Source: Benchmark Definitions:
Delivered To: SCEC Community
Date Completed: July 2006

Strike Slip Benchmark, Variable Resolution, Slip Distribution
Strike Slip Benchmark, 1000m resolution, slip distribution
Close up view of variable resolution mesh. The finest cells have edge length of ~125m. The fault tip has increased resolution. The slip distribution is mapped onto fault nodes as a floating point attribute.
Cut away view of uniform resolution, 1000m mesh.  The slip distribution is mapped onto fault nodes as a floating point attribute.

Purpose of Project

Build grids of various resolution (1000m, 500m, 250m, variable) for strike slip benchmark calculation.

Project Summary

Dimension: 3D

Grid Element Type: tetrahedral

Grid Software Used: LaGriT


 tet_1000m_res  tet_0500m_res  tet_0250m_res  tet_variable_refine
Number of Nodes: 15625 117649 912673 179978
Number of Elements: 82944 663552 4962216 1037548

Project Archive Location

Output files for calculations:





123315569 tar_0250all.tar.gz
15897375 tar_0500all.tar.gz
1920735 tar_1000all.tar.gz
24417609 tar_variableall.tar.gz

What is in the files?
*.gmv - this is a standard GMV file. Mostly for graphics if you use GMV to view grids.
*.inp - this is an AVS format file of the node coordinate list and the tet connectivity.
*.table - this is a table of node attributes for each mesh.

The first column is the node number.
The second column is a node attribute, 'if_fault'. It is 0 for nodes not on the fault
plane, it is > 0 for nodes on the fault plane.
The third column is a node attribute, 'slip', that is 1.0 and tapers to 0.0 according to the specifications of the benchmark description.
The fourth column is a node attribute, 'top', = 1 if a top node, = -5 if not a top node
The fifth column is a node attribute, 'bottom', = 2 if a bottom node, = -5 if not a bottom node
The sixth column is a node attribute, 'left_w', = 3 if a left side node, = -5 if not a left side node
The seventh column is a node attribute, 'right_e', = 5 if a right side node, = -5 if not a right side node
The eight column is a node attribute, 'back_n', = 6 if a back side node, = -5 if not a back side node
The ninth column is a node attribute, 'front_s', = 4 if a front side node, = -5 if not a front side node

*.zone - this is the same information as provide in the *.table file for the top, bottom, left, ... except
the list is not all nodes. There is a list of just top nodes (by node number), a list of just bottom nodes, etc.

NOTE: For *.table and *.zone there are some nodes that appear in more than one list. For example a corner node may appear in the top,left and front list.

LaGriT Control Files to Build Mesh:



Work Directory:


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Grid Team Contacts

Carl Gable gable -at- lanl -dot- gov 505-665-3533
Terry Miller tamiller -at- lanl -dot- gov 505-667-8009