Grid Project:   Pahute Mesa U-20 WW Uniform Meshes

Grid Team Member: Terry Miller
Grid Versions: 2014 Materials on 2012 Meshes
Data Source: Earthvision HFM_PM_20140305
Delivered To: Dylan Harp
Date Completed: Apr 08 2014
6 Mesh Versions:
3 Resolutions with grid sizes 15K, 125K, 1M elements
one set with all 6 faults, one set with 5 faults (no BU)

Purpose of Project

Update HSU materials and faults on uniform meshes from 2012 modeling. The meshes are built surrounding pumping well U20 WW and is constrained on the top and bottom by the Calico Hills HSU and by the watertable at the top of mesh. The UTM Zone 11 NAD 27 coordinates are:

                  X              Y
    Minimum     548500        4119800
    Maximum     554000        4125500
    Range         5500           5700
This updates an earlier HFM conceptualized distribution of lava flow aquifers and fault surfaces within the Calico Hills Hydrostratigraphic Unit of the Pahute Mesa Phase I with Pahute Mesa Phase II Hydrostratigraphic Framework Model.

There are 4 well locations used in images and selected views. The primary well location is the U-20 WW pumping well located nearest to the middle of the mesh. Observation wells include ER-10-6 #3, UE-20bh, and U-20bg. The UTM coordinages used for these wells are:
               X        Y      Bottom Z
    U20WW    550615   4122570    975 
    UE20bh   552402   4122008   1166 
    U20bg    552511   4121136   1331
    ER20-6   551296   4123579   1115

Current Mesh with 2014 HSU and Faults

image description

Previous Mesh with 2012 HSU and Faults

image description

Tables (PDF)

Table Correlation of Mesh Groups to EV HSU's

Table Listing Mesh Materials and Element counts

Image Pages (html)

2014 Mesh Images
3 with all 6 faults
3 with no BU

2014 and 2012 Mesh

HSU and Fault Work

All Images
All Meshes
Some EV, Some 2012

Assorted 2012 Mesh Images

Mesh Files

These uniform grids are from 2012 and have been modified to fit watertable at top.
The xy spacing is regular, but vertical spacing is stretched to meet watertable.

Mesh extents:
 ATTRIBUTE       MIN               MAX         DIFFERENCE  
  xic    5.485000000E+05  5.535000000E+05 5.000000000E+03  
  yic    4.119800000E+06  4.124800000E+06 5.000000000E+03   
  zic    0.000000000E+00  1.366789673E+03 1.366789673E+03  

mesh 026 has 15625   elements, xy spacing is 200m, z spacing is near 51.5 
mesh 051 has 125000  elements, xy spacing is 100m, z spacing is near 25.6 
mesh 101 has 1000000 elements, xy spacing is  50m, z spacing is near 12.8 


Mesh top directory: /scratch/nts/tam/pahute_mesa/mesh_2014_uniform

Mesh with EV zones grouped into 8 materials and 6 faults
Size    15625 mesh_026_fit_wt_6flts/
Size   125000 mesh_051_fit_wt_6flts/
Size  1000000 mesh_101_fit_wt_6flts/

Mesh with EV zones grouped into 8 materials and 5 faults (Fault BU removed)
Size    15625 mesh_026_fit_wt_5flts/
Size   125000 mesh_051_fit_wt_5flts/
Size  1000000 mesh_101_fit_wt_5flts/

These are large and have not been processed yet.
Size  8000000 mesh_201_fit_wt_6flts/
Size 64000000 mesh_401_fit_wt_6flts/

mesh_final_bc.exo - Exodus binary file with boundary facesets 1-6
                    1=bottom 2=top 3=east 4=north 5=west 6=south
mesh_final.exo    - Exodus binary file with no boundary facesets
mesh_final.gmv    - GMV binary format
mesh_final.inp    - AVS ascii format
mesh_materials.txt - List of Exodus Block ID, HSU ID, and cell counts 
                     (See bottom of page for attached *materials.txt files)

       ************* Summary Mesh Materials *************** 

For each of 026, 051, and 101 the property ID's are 1 to 8 with
top cell ID's from 9-24. Faults have ID 30. (Exodus properties add 0000 to
number ID).  The coarse mesh has 16 exodus blocks, 051 and 101 have 17 blocks.  
Does not exist:  23 TE VA1
Does not exist:  22 TE VA2
Does not exist:  21 TE VA3
Does not exist:  17 TE B_CH
Does not exist:  14 TW VA2
Does not exist:  11 TW VA5
Does not exist:  9 TW B_CH
Does not exist:  6 VA2
Block ID   HSU ID     Name    
   17      30        Fault   
   16      24        TE A_CH  
   15      20        TE VA4 
   14      19        TE VA5 (Missing in coarse 026 mesh)      
   13      18        TE CH    
   12      16        TW A_CH   
   11      15        TW VA1  
   10      13        TW VA3 
    9      12        TW VA4     
    8      10        TW CH    
    7       8        A_CH   
    6       7        VA1  
    5       5        VA3 
    4       4        VA4 
    3       3        VA5   
    2       2        CH/CHZCM 
    1       1        B_CH 

Source HSU and Fault data

Fault surfaces and HSU definitions from Earthvision Model sent by
Tim Vogt
Supporting Navarro-Intera, LLC contracted to the
U.S. Department of Energy, NNSA Nevada Field Office
702-295-2057 office
702-994-2489 cell

March 05, 2014 2:25 PM Download location 

     Interpolation from .seq file
     Final fault surfaces are created and written in 
     View files for analysis and images added to

Support and analysis of area fault and geology: 
Drellack, Sigmund 
National Security Technologies, LLC
Contractor to the United States Department of Energy
Mail Address
  Mail Stop NLV 082
  P.O. Box 98521
  Las Vegas, NV 89193-8521
Phone: 702-295-0170
FAX: 702-295-1313

Source Grids

These grids Start with uniform grids created for 2012 modeling by Dylan Harp.
These grids are created with uniform spacing and are stretched vertically to fit 
the watertable surface. Each grid spacing is halved to create a set of coarse to 
fine grid resolutions.
-rw-r--r-- 1 gable pf    1052832 Oct 31  2012 min_max_dxyz_026_fit_wt_flts_nocon/mesh.exo
-rw-r--r-- 1 gable pf    8190300 Oct 31  2012 min_max_dxyz_051_fit_wt_flts_nocon/mesh.exo
-rw-r--r-- 1 gable pf   64733900 Oct 31  2012 min_max_dxyz_101_fit_wt_flts_nocon/mesh.exo
-rw-r--r-- 1 gable pf  514901432 Oct 31  2012 min_max_dxyz_201_fit_wt_flts_nocon/mesh.exo
-rw-r--r-- 1 gable pf 4107555832 Nov  2  2012 min_max_dxyz_401_fit_wt_flts_nocon/mesh.exo

Source Watertable surface:
The top of the source 2012/2014 grids align with this watertable surface.
-rw-r-xr-x 1 gable pf  3449276 Sep 25  2012 watertable_quads.gmv

Subject:RE: Water table surface for Pahute Mesa U20WW area
Date: 	Wed, 1 Aug 2012 06:06:08 -0700
From: 	Ruskauff, Greg (CONTR) 
To: 	Kwicklis, Edward M 
CC: 	Gable, Carl Walter 
The attached ArcGIS files are from Joe Fenelon's 2010 mapping of the NTS groundwater systems. 
The great thickness of the Calico Hills, coupled with the uncertainty in properties ought 
to make this a close enough approximation.

Notes as of April 14 2014

README file for Mesh Work

README file EV HSU and Fault Work

README file for EV Fault Surfaces

Material List for Mesh 026 with 6 faults

Material List for Mesh 051 with 6 faults

Material List for Mesh 101 with 6 faults

Material List for Mesh 026 with 5 faults

Material List for Mesh 051 with 5 faults

Material List for Mesh 101 with 5 faults


Grid Team Contacts

Carl Gable gable -at- lanl -dot- gov 505-665-3533
Terry Miller tamiller -at- lanl -dot- gov 505-667-8009