DEMO 1x1x1 Box with Wells

Download compressed tar file of all Demo input files: demo.tar.gz

Example 1x1x1 box mesh refined to well locations for FEHM modeling.
Directory: /scratch/sft/tam/demos/box_1x1x1_wells modified from gable 1x1x1_box files.
Author gable 2004

LaGriT RUN 1

Octree Refine the level 0 input hex mesh based in intersection with wells and identify elements close to selected points.
The result is a level 4 octree refine hex mesh with refinement at selected well points.

input_level0.gridder  - input for gridder (see
grid_l0.inp grid_l0.inp - Input hex mesh created with gridder 
well_bore_data.inp  - AVS file that defines 2 lines along the wells
monitor_points_data1.inp  - AVS file for point locations 
monitor_points_data2.inp  - AVS file for point locations 
monitor_points_data3.inp  - AVS file for point locations 
refine_driver.lgi and refine_intersect.lgi  - LaGriT command files 

RUN: lagrit < refine_driver.lgi
OUT: refine_driver.out.txt

LaGriT Finite Element Mesh
LaGriT Finite Element Mesh
LaGriT Finite Element Mesh

LaGriT RUN 2

Use the point distribution from the octree refined mesh and connect to make a tet mesh. Use interpolation to color elements and nodes for material zones.
The result is the refined hex mesh connected into a Delaunay Tet mesh with refinement at selected well points.
Files are written for input with FEHM modeling.

mk_tet_mesh.lgi and set_node_id_from_elem.lgi - LaGriT command files                 

RUN: lagrit < mk_tet_mesh.lgi
OUT: mk_tet_mesh.out.txt

LaGriT Finite Element Mesh
LaGriT Finite Element Mesh
LaGriT Finite Element Mesh
LaGriT Finite Element Mesh
LaGriT Finite Element Mesh
LaGriT Finite Element Mesh
LaGriT Finite Element Mesh
LaGriT Finite Element Mesh

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